Religion isthe believe in and worship of God or gods. The world currently records more than eighty religions. It is a topic of discussion and sometimes conflict to people from different religions to know which thenthe right one to follow is. The definition indicates that its worship of God or gods. An interest to understand about these religions always drives one into a mystery of unending research. Why? The reason behind this is that all will give evidence supporting there believe.


One thing that always gives me hope is the fact that there will be an end to all. Everything that has a beginning also has an end. The end will be the determinant of which believe leads to the right path. There will be a judge to determine which side is right, now put in mind, who is the judge?

As a human being I don’t agree that any religion should make people do wrong to others. Instead it should bring people into a mutual peaceful co-existence. You may vary with me, but allow me to express my thought because people have different views. Religion should be something that brings people together, to share, help each other, encourage one another everything good because they have one common supernatural being they believe in.

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Narrowing down, the religion which has the leading composition is the Christian religion. They believe in existence of a supernatural being (God).According to them God is three in one i.e. God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit. You may be curious to understand this, let me explain the concept. According to this religion all the three were present during the creation of heaven and earth and everything in it, after human beings fall into sin God the son (Jesus) was sent to deliver them by His death on the cross. He however overcame death and resurrected. After resurrection He went back to God the Father and God the Holy Spirit was sent to guide human beings on their spiritual life.

Responsibility of the church

The church is considered as the body of Christ. As the body of Christ the church has special responsibilities to the society.


Exposing evils in the society is one major role that the church ought to play. There are a lot of wrongs being done in society; theft, child abuse, corruption, discrimination name it all are there in our societies. The church should not stand and look at all this happening. As much as they will pray for this, faith must be expressed with an action taken this happening will bring a better world of living.

There are orphans neglected by everybody in their families the widows and the elderly. Who will stand to be there for them? The Bible urges Christians to be compassionate to those who are in need. They should team up to selflessly give to those who do not have. They ought not to be selfish with what they are blessed with.


The church needs to play a big role in praying for their leaders, the nation and all the people in the world. Why are there wars, nation against nation and tribe against tribe killing each other? Draught, floods, earthquakes killing people. There is a group of people who need to devote their time to pray about this, the church.

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The Bible tells Christians” You are the light of the world, like a city placed on a hilltop that cannot be hidden”. It is the duty of the church to lead by example. Christians should do good at all times, be good teachers and doers of the word which always express the light of God. In doing this people will learn good works from them and give glory to God.


The church should firmly stand against all that do not please God. The laws put by human should not hinder them from expressing what is right. Many believers died defending the gospel, let’s not be ashamed of Jesus before men, lest we be denied before our Father in heaven. How painful will that be?

It is the duty of every Christian to continue living and upholding the teachings of the Bible to make this world a better place to be.


What’s Going On In Our Manchester Community?


As we approach this year’s festive season, Manchester community is extremely becoming filled with a beehive of activity. Just like six weeks before Christmas celebration and around seven weeks to the ushering in of New Year everyone in Manchester is trying to push things work well for them. There are plenty of activities that are happening as well as those that are planned and scheduled to happen. Right from the recent celebrations of Halloween, other activities are still streaming in including Christmas fete and other great events that are scheduled to take place sooner or later. Therefore if you want to part and parcel of every activity or even if you don’t want to miss in action during this forthcoming season, then you have to keep your eyes wide open and follow the following series of events that will definitely give you an insight of What’s Going On In Our Manchester Community. Some of the scheduled activities include but not limited to the following:

Christmas fete

This is one of the much anticipated events among the residents of Manchester community. This event will unravel in faces from marking of Christmas markets to the switching on of Christmas lights. This is always the peak of the end year events before marking the New Year celebrations. The climax of this festival or rather event would be on December, 25th. It will be sponsored by travelimms.

Christmas fete

Ice skating

This is an event that normally dominates the city of Manchester and the entire community from the onset of November until around mid-January. All the seasoned skaters will be displaying their skating antiques on various occasions. Besides, those who want to learn how to skate will also find the opportunity to explore ice skating and help some of the basic tips and tricks that will help you become an experienced ice skater. However, if do not fit into either of the category of people in Manchester then be sure to be part of thousands of spectators who shall be cheering at different highly experienced skaters from November to January.

Ice skating

The festival of beer and cedar

This I an event that was officiated 9n 2014 and is expected to be a bigger event this year. Even though the exact dates have not been concerned, it still remains a fact that this event that was organized by the Real Ale is expected to kick off immediately after Christmas of early new year. It is an event that pulled over 60000 pints and thus an event that is much anticipated.

The festival of beer and cedar

Future everything event

This is also another premier event that is scheduled to take place in our Manchester community. It is an exquisitely unique event that will bring together all the members of Manchester community to come and celebrate and come together to contemplate about new innovations and inventions in the various diverse sectors such as arts, entertainment, technology, policies and other key issues. This event was initiated way back in 1995 and has always been an award winning festival in Manchester.

Chinese New Year

This is also part of the much anticipated event as thousands of people around Manchester community would be gathered to see the Chinese mark their new year. It will take place around February next year.

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